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    Little Margaret is the true story of Margaret’s short life (1287–1320). She was born disfigured, blind, lame, and a dwarf. You will cheer for her as she first overcomes imprisonment and then abandonment by her family. She learned about God’s love for her from the castle priest. God used a girl others labeled as “crippled” to become as an angel to the sick, imprisoned, and dying.

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    Follow the Little Magician as he tries to become happy. Surely, he thinks, if he could just use a bigger wand he would be happy! But the Little Magician discovers the true source of happiness somewhere else. A delightful, colorful story with lessons about faith, peace and true happiness for both children and adults. Full color illustrations on each page.

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    Fat John, His Little Lamb, and the Two Wise Owls

    Martina Parnelli and M. Roberto Angelorum

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    A charming, easy to read exposition of the nativity for early readers. Quality hardcover and thick paper for little hands.

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    Follow Christ's Footsteps from the time of His unjust sentencing by Pilate to His Crucifixion, Death, and burial on Calvary. 
    Via Dolorosa, the Way of the Cross, is a vivid portrayal of the Fourteen Stations of the Cross. 

  5. Mary, Mother of Sorrows: Suffering With Glorious Purpose
    How do you pull virtue from sorrow? The Blessed Virgin Mary is our preeminent example. This book features meditations on the Seven Sorrows of the Blessed Virgin Mary, but it is more than that. This little, easy-to-read book incorporates reflections on specific virtues as well. Deepen your spiritual life with these meditations.
  6. The Story of Mary—Mother of Love: The Presence of Mary in the Life of Jesus

    May you find herein an enjoyable tour of the four Gospels, written in a simple, easy-to-understand way, accenting the important role the Mother of Jesus played in the life and times of the Incarnate Son of God. Based on her complete trust and absolute devotion to the Father Almighty, this book is a tribute to the life of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

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