Christmas Begins with C

E. Mary Christie

Quick Overview

“H is for Halo

That crowns His sweet Head”

Within the pages of Christmas Begins with C, each letter of Christmas features a short, whimsical verse and a beautiful hand-drawn illustration.

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Advent is a time to prepare for the incarnation of our Blessed Lord and Savior. Christmas Begins with C takes your child's natural wonder and excitement for the holidays and directs it to an anticipation of Baby Jesus. Help your child learn to read with these short, whimsical verses. Every other page features a beautiful hand-drawn illustration.

We hope the Rafka Readers series helps your family as your children grow in the Faith and develop their relationships with Christ and His Blessed Mother.

Ages preschool and up.
Turn your child's heart to Baby Jesus and His Blessed Mother!

Additional Information

Author E. Mary Christie
Illustrator Celeste McKervey Thompson
Book Size 6"x6"
Page Count 26
Cover Type Softcover
ISBN 978-0-9911958-0-0
Illustrations Color illustrations
Ages Preschool and up