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    Bread Upon the Water

    Deanna K. Klingel

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        This is the true story of Father Tiến Dương, a Catholic priest who grew up in the strife and hardship of Communist Vietnam. Follow young Tiến’s riveting tale as he deals with not-so-distant mortar fire in a Catholic boarding school, his eventual escape from Vietnam, struggles in various refugee camps, and eventual migration to the United States.

    Lexile Measure: 750L

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    When Summer Never Ends

    Monique Niemaszyk

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    Gina toyed with the idea of being bold and putting their friendship on the line. She needed to know if there was any chance they could be together.Joe invites Gina’s family to Maine to spend the summer at his aunt’s beach house. Gina can spend more time with Joe now that she is so close to him, but Joe is cautious and moves slowly. They both like each other, and they dedicated their relationship to God. But Gina is ready for the next step. 

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    The Novice

    Sister Imelda Kaufman

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    Sister Mary Joseph wanted to be a traditional nun. But murder became part of her life.
    Murder. A suspicious doctor. Is anyone safe? That's what the novitiate in religious life, Sister Mary Joseph, needed to find out. Why do people keep dying? And why did one of the nuns simply disappear?

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    Colleen Drippé

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         Father Ruiz, a Star Brother, is assigned to the missionary planet Fen, where he soon meets Elerek, a gelen and former mindbreaker.
         This is the story of Fr. Ruiz, Elerek, and the gelen council, culminating in a dramatic battle for freedom, Fen, human souls, and the fate of the universe.

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