Books by Michael J. Rayes

  • 28 Days to Better Behavior

    28 Days to Better Behavior

    Michael J. Rayes

    Out of stock. How to have attentive kids at Mass and peace in the pew! Worksheets for your parenting style, your child's temperament, where to place the kids in the pew, and more: Focusing strategies for your kids,A week-by-week training plan for...

  • Bank Robbery!

    Bank Robbery!

    Michael J. Rayes

    Something suspicious happens every time Tom and Rick go to Creekwater National Bank to investigate the recent robbery. Tom’s uncle, the Reverend Father Paul Spencer, helps the boys unravel the mystery. But they still don’t know who really...

  • Papal Bull Heist

    Papal Bull Heist

    Michael J. Rayes

    Volume 2 in the Spencer Family Mystery Series. Tom Spencer and Rick Kline are in the middle of things again. Can they move fast enough to catch a thief? Will they end up getting caught? The boys need all their wits, prayers, and Father Spencer’s...

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  • Well Adjusted: Raising children from hearth to Heaven

    Well Adjusted: Raising children from hearth to Heaven

    Michael J. Rayes

    Why is it that some children consistently exhibit bad behavior while others tend to be good? The answer: Their social environment. In the debate over nature vs. nurture, this booklet clearly demonstrates that nurture has a profound effect on behavior...

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