28 Days to Better Behavior

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Michael J. Rayes
Laura Rayes
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28 Days to Better Behavior


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How to have attentive kids at Mass and peace in the pew!

Worksheets for your parenting style, your child's temperament, where to place the kids in the pew, and more:

Focusing strategies for your kids,
A week-by-week training plan for better behavior at Mass, 
Quick tips for better behavior,
And more!

Fun and easy-to-read. If you have kids, you can't afford to pass this up!

How much would you pay for an intensive, day-long seminar on good parenting? $300? $100? Now you can get a hands-on seminar in book format! How much is that worth to you as a serious Catholic parent? You would pay at least $50... 28 Days to Better Behavior is only $14.95 plus shipping!

Preface by Susie Lloyd.


"With the help of this book, many (parents) will make progress, I'm sure." 
— Susie Lloyd, Author of Please Don't Drink the Holy Water! and Bless Me, Father, For I Have Kids

"Michael Rayes offers his keen insight..." 
— The Latin Mass magazine

"LOVED the book!" 
— Colleen Hammond, Author of Dressing With Dignity


Michael J. Rayes is a lifelong Catholic, a husband, and father to seven children. He is the author of dozens of articles on marriage and family. Rayes is a columnist for The Latin Mass magazine. He is also the author of Bank Robbery!, a Catholic mystery story for both kids and adults.