Toupée Mice

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5.5 x 8.5 (in)
Karl Bjorn Erickson
Kimberly Erickson
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Color Illustrations
8 and up
Toupée Mice

Ebook: $4.99



All Ian wanted to do
was sing in the church choir.

However, he is a mouse, not a human. The choir members were not too happy to hear him—or see him! Join Ian and Pierre, along with their “big-boned” dwarf-hamster friend, Fred, as they disguise themselves to hide from Ludwig, the house cat afraid of dust bunnies. Along the way the determined and witty friends learn about St. Cecilia and the importance of singing praise to God. 

Did Ian ever get to squeak along with the choir?
Read his “tale of tails” and find out! 

This is the second children’s book for the author and illustrator team, Karl and Kimberly Erickson. Their first book, Tristan’s Travels, received the Catholic Writer’s Guild seal of approval and won high acclaim as a runner-up for the Catholic Arts and Letters award. 

What others are saying about Toupée Mice

“Ian is a multi-faceted mouse and a singer of songs. The cast includes his friends who share his dream, including a ‘big-boned’ dwarf hamster. With these endearing characters, Karl and his wife, Kim, who contributed marvelous watercolor illustrations, keep us turning each page with pleasure.”
Barbara Sparks, Children's book illustrator and mother of three

Toupée Mice is an utterly wonderful tale which includes truly engaging characters.  It is an expedition cleverly written and full of humor.”
Michelle Unger, Catholic mother of five

“It is so good to have engaging stories which captivate not only the imagination of the young but all readers alike! We need more! We have lost our way, and Erickson’s stories bring us back to the path of silly and innocent humor—with strong family values as well.”
Blanca E. Torres de Hawkins, Economist and mother of seven

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