Open Letters to Catholic Graduates

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Paul Lavin, Ph.D.
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High school seniors and up
Open Letters to Catholic Graduates

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Will your eternal soul gain a cap and gown? 

Open Letters to Catholic Graduates is unique in its emphasis on the transition between college and the secular world, an emphasis sorely needed for the young Catholic today. Graduates are confronted with the task of facing the world and making something of themselves. This task is simultaneously exciting and perilous. 

Graduates today will certainly feel the strong pull of the secular world and its allurements, but Dr. Lavin reminds them to not lose focus. Open Letters to Catholic Graduates exhorts graduates from high school and college to reaffirm their essential mission in life: to get to heaven. In his Open Letters, Lavin writes on topics of taking salvation seriously, forming true friendships, the dangers of capital sins, using psychology as a helpful aid, one’s final end, and more. 

Anyone transitioning from their stage in life 
into a morally ambiguous environment 
should read this book. 

PAUL LAVIN received his Ph.D. in 1971. He is a traditional Catholic clinical psychologist, a rare combination today. Lavin is the author of several books and articles, writing especially for Catholic Family News. He lives in Massachusetts and exclusively attends the traditional Latin Mass. 

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