The Golden Years: Chronicles and Challenges of "Being Old"

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Paul J. Lavin, Ph.D.
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The Golden Years: Chronicles and Challenges of "Being Old"

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Growing old is a process which begins at birth. “Being Old,” on the other hand, is a point of arrival. Society refers to this stage as the “golden years,” a time to enjoy life. This is also when one’s physical and mental powers decline, leading to suffering and feelings of depression, anger, and loss of hope.

Dr. Paul Lavin covers how suffering affects our mental health; our relationships with family, friends, and professional health care providers; and, our relationship with God. These are discussed along with cognitive and spiritually based strategies to keep the sufferer from being tricked by the Father of Lies and his false promises.

The Golden Years is a valuable weapon which “Being Old” Catholics, and those to come, can use to defend themselves when the final battle takes place.