When Summer Never Ends

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5.5 x 8.5 (in)
Monique Niemaszyk
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12 and up
When Summer Never Ends


Courtship and Love.

Gina toyed with the idea of being bold and putting their friendship on the line. She needed to know if there was any chance they could be together.Joe invites Gina’s family to Maine to spend the summer at his aunt’s beach house. Gina can spend more time with Joe now that she is so close to him, but Joe is cautious and moves slowly. They both like each other, and they dedicated their relationship to God. But Gina is ready for the next step. 

Will this be the beginning of their summer that never ends?

What others are saying about When Summer Never Ends

“An enchanting slice of Catholic family life! I highly recommend this breath of fresh air and the entire series for today’s girls. Monique Niemaszyk paints a vivid and tender family portrait in When Summer Never Ends.  She uses a quaint backdrop of beach houses, ocean breezes, clam bakes, and dinner dates enjoyed during the unhurried pace of a New England summer. Subtle hints of Pope John Paul’s II’s 'Theology of the Body' are cleverly woven throughout, pointing to the beauty in waiting, respecting, and trusting in God. You’ll fall in love with this book and wonder along with Gina, when will Joe kiss her?”
Donna-Marie Cooper O’Boyle
Catholic author and EWTN host of “Everyday Blessings for Catholic Moms”

“Once again, Monique wraps profound truths in tender images of everyday family life, illustrating simply that genuine faith produces true joy, deep happiness, and a love that endures.”
Father Gary Belliveau
Pastor, Corpus Christi Parish, Portsmouth, NH

“Beautifully written stories have images that linger for a lifetime and capture the hearts of young people. That is why, as a mother of seven, I love Monique’s books. She presents family life with all its struggles and triumphs in a wholesome and engaging manner. This surely inspires the reader to see God as a loving Father who cares about each and every detail of their lives.”
Marie Thibodeau
Co-founder of the Little Daughters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus